Sunday, July 19, 2009

love that little voice...

We were in the car, on the way to church, listening to Patch the P*rate. Jonas often request this ipod choice by saying "Can I please listen to the big trumpets on I-Land?" (That would be the I-Land Overture from Kidna*ped on Island.) Jonas broke out into song after the prelude. It was the sweetest thing to here...."I give my life to Jesus, He shall have first place...." He loves to sing but this was the first time I have heard him sing almost the whole song word for word. Joe and I just sat there smiling and giggling at him. Being the mom...ya know, a tear came to my eye. We have been doing a lot of teaching and talking about God lately. Jonas is understanding the importance of praying, the importance of obeying and not just pleasing mommy and daddy but most importantly pleasing God. I am overjoyed at the moments where you can see it just click with him.

He had another moment on the way home from lunch...I had the onset of a migraine and I was asking him for silence in the music and hopefully no talking. Except he has been a non stop chatterbox lately and he just wasn't getting the no talking part. He said "you have a headache mom?" I said, "yes." He said, "oh no, I will ask God to take it away. Dear Jesus, please don't give mommy a head ache." "Mommy, is your headache gone?" hee hee....Oh how I wish it worked that quickly. This was the first time Jonas prayed for something specific right at the moment of a need. Again, Joe and I chuckled at his sweetness and sincerity. Thank you Lord that some of this teaching is wearing off on our little man. We still need grace and patience. :-)


Blogger Stephens said...

How sweet! I'm glad I got to read that tonight since we didn't have more time on the phone earlier today. I will be praying for Jonas as he learns about God that he will truly know God one day through salvation. How precious to hear of him thinking to pray right away about your headache!

1:29 AM  
Blogger A Hint of Home said...

Ok, you brought tears to my eyes.
You will need grace and patience for the rest of his life. lol
The good thing though is how sweetly he is responding and how tender his heart is toward you.

Dad and I prayed this morning for Jonas and Ivy to be saved at an early age.

9:59 AM  

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