Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Me and Lydia
Lydia and Katie

Sarah and Sarah

I am blessed to have wonderful, godly friends. I've always tried to have "girl time" since I was in college. I still love girls night out, although it may not be as often. I appreciate my husband's understanding of this as well. It is nice, his always changing schedule usually allows me to have this time while he is at work. Now that we have baby Jonas, the grandparents help out when I need girl time. Last week I got to have two girls nights and more! I went to Rigoletto, an opera production, with my friend Melinda. I hadn't been to an artist series in a while. I've tried to attend since I graduated from school. Some of you are saying, "are you serious?" Yes, I actually like most of the productions. Music has been my life and I appreciated the quality productions they put on. The hired artist for Rigoletto were great! They were very enjoyable to listen to.
The real highlight was going to Atlanta for an IKEA shopping trip and hearing the soothing sound of Josh Groban live, in concert at Philips Arena. This was my 3rd time seeing him in concert and he has never been a disappointment. I have seen him 3 years in a row, in Atlanta. My best friend Lydia, her sister Katie, me and my friend Sarah all had a blast. I was drunk with laughter most of the time. It was a much needed get away. Joe kept Jonas while we stayed overnight in Atlanta. Warning, this is getting long...
We headed downtown Atlanta hoping to park near the arena and grab a bite to eat before the concert. Traffic was horrible but we knew Josh wouldn't start singing right at 8. He always has an opener first. We found a parking spot about 3 blocks away from the arena, not bad. I was driving Lydia's car. We parked and I turned around to hand Lydia her keys. Katie grabbed them and you can only guess...somehow they got locked in the car. We started walking towards the arena and I said "did Katie give you your keys?" Lydia said "WHAT?!" Then came "KATIE!" I said, "let's not worry about it, we'll figure it out after the concert, you have the tickets right?" Lydia's eyes got really big! The tickets were in the car. I don't usually panic in situations like this. My wheels just start turning on how we can fix the situation. I started walking really fast to the man who takes the money for parking. I told him what happened and he said a police officer, that monitors the lot, should be making his rounds in a minute. Here he came and I rushed over to him. He put a call out for another officer to come with a slim jim. That officer arrives and immediately we could tell he hates his job. Yea! Lucky for us. He went on to say it took him 3 hours to get into a car last week. He tried Lydia's vehicle and no luck. He said he would go back to the office and get some other device he has. In the mean time, Katie called AAA as a back up and a locksmith was on his way. The locksmith was Indian and spoke with a thick accent. Katie told him our situation and he said he would be there in 20-25 minutes. He said, with a thick accent, "you go enjoy the concert and we will get it fixed when you are done." Katie, "but you don't understand, the tickets are in the car." Locksmith with thick accent "oh my, this is an emergency!" Lydia and Katie started heading to the arena to see if Ticket Master could look up our tickets and print them out. Sarah and I stayed behind waiting for the officer to arrive, or the Indian man. The officer came back and the Indian man called, all at the same time. The locksmith said he was caught in terrible traffic on the highway, there has been "a terrible accident" He told me I better call someone else, he will not make it. Meanwhile, the officer is trying to get this device out of a box. He was taking forever. Once he had his tools, it took 5 minutes to open the car! By this time, it was 9 o'clock. Sarah and I called Lydia and told her we were on our way, we had the tickets! Amazingly, Josh didn't go on stage till after we got settled in our seats! We barely made it! The concert was relaxing and enjoyable. I highly recommend seeing him live! We never got dinner, so we drove to the Cheesecake Factory hoping it would be open. We got there about midnight and had a 15 minute wait. I don't think we left till 1:45 a.m. or after. We got in bed about 3. Wow! I hadn't had a weekend like this in forever! It was crazy and so much fun at the same time. Thank you Sarah for opening your home to us. I'm sure you had no idea how crazy we were!
Thanks for the memories girls!!


Blogger Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, aren't girlfriends just such a blessing?! I have some dear friends such as yours as well. :)

1:17 AM  
Blogger Ben and April said...

Sarah, it sounds like you had a great time. I love to listen to Josh Groban. It is great fun to get together with the girls!!

12:19 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

What a story! I am glad for you all that you didn't miss any of the concert. It sounds like you had a ball despite the fiasco:). What a blessing to have such fabulous friends to share a great evening with.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Jason and Kelly's Family said...

What a story...I could see it all happening as I read it...especially you booking it to the police officer on duty...you make me laugh.

Glad you all got it worked out. I am glad you had soooo much fun :)

9:49 PM  

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