Saturday, March 29, 2008

So much to post, so little time...

I wish I had the time and energy to keep up with weekly posts. But as Jonas is getting older and sleeping less during the day, the only computer time I have is for work. And when the sun goes down and Jonas goes to bed, I'm usually tired and catching up on house work and don't want to go sit down at the computer again. So, to all my friends who wonder...that's my story. :-)
I will start with most recent activities and post backwards I guess.
Joe had to work Easter Sunday. He works every other weekend so if a holiday happens to land on that weekend, it stinks. As you know, crime doesn't take a holiday. :-)
Jonas and I went to church Sunday morning and then had lunch with my parents at their house. It was a pretty day, a bit chilly but much warmer than are northern family and friends who had snow on Easter.
My mom put dinner in the oven and Papa started and Easter egg hunt for Jonas. The eggs were filled with gold fish and puffs for Jonas to snack on. He got a kick out of hunting for the eggs and finding out what was inside. I love the pictures with excitement on his face!
After dinner we all retired for naps. That was a wonferful feeling. :-) After nap time Jonas and I headed to the Barker family Easter dinner. My two sister-in-laws and their families were there, along with Ma Barker and Dad Barker. This was the first time all the new cousins got a picture together. They have only been together in one place probably one other time. So, it was a lot of fun and a glimpse of the craziness those cousins will get to experience as they grow older. The grandparent's house is getting fuller and fuller!
We hope you had a wonderful Easter and reflected on the beautiful gift Christ gave us. How wonderful that He died and arose for you and me. He went even further to prepare us a home in heaven. Do you have one waiting for you?


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