Friday, April 10, 2009

In March my Aunt Barb, and cousin Jenni came from MI to visit for a weekend. We love their visits each year and miss living so far away from each other. Here are a couple pictures of Jonas and Ivy with Auntie Barb and Cousin Ginnie, as Jonas would say. :-)
Ivy is growing so fast. She is 5 months old tomorrow. She has been a very unpredictable child, much different than Jonas. However, we now know part of the reason. She got her first tooth at 4 months and 1 week. Then her second came one week later. We had her sleeping through the night and then chaos occured with her sleeping pattern. I feel sorry that she is experiencing the pain so young and she seems like she is in such agony at times. I look forward to uninterrupted nights again.
Jonas is almost 3 and he knows it. He keeps talking about having a birthday party on July 3rd and he has requested fireworks. :-) We have been to a few birthday parties recently and he is remembering the fun. However, non had fireworks. He must think he should outdo everyone.
We'll see what daddy says....

Jonas and Auntie Barb
Cousin Ginnie
Ivy-almost 5 mos.

The cutest kids in the world :-)

She is her daddy...

Here is another outfit my mom saved back for me. I was a little older in the pictures take of me than these of Ivy. You can tell the dress is a little bigger on Ivy. Its fun to compare our pictures. She doesn't look a whole lot like me. She is a whole lot of her daddy! :-)
I just realized we have about the same amount of hair in these pictures. You can't really tell with Ivy's headband on. And her hair is so blond right now!