Friday, June 12, 2009

Go Wings!

ok, 2nd period is over, the score is 2-0...this is not looking good...but Ivy was in good spirits at the beginning of the game!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

7 months

Ivy is 7 months today. Man, time is flying. She has been sitting up for about 2 weeks now. I can see two new teeth coming and ready to break skin. They are her top midde. These are #3 & #4. Her sleeping has still been unpredictable. We went to CA to see my sister a few weeks ago and Ivy didn't sleep through the night once while we were there. Shortly after coming home I noticed her gums changing and saw the teeth coming. This past week she is sleeping better. I'm so thankful. She is handling teething completely opposite of how Jonas handled it. Girls are drama right? Whew...I just can't believe she is 7 months and still has issues sleeping through the night. (however, she was an early teether) Jonas' favorite hobby is sleeping...always has been and still is...hallelujah!
We went to the pool today and Ivy sat in her swing on the deck while Jonas and I went swimming. She did great. I think we and her cousins entertained her. I didn't get any pictures during that outing because juggling two kids, a swing, and being next to a pool doesn't permit my attention on anything but what I just mentioned!
During nap time today we had the storm of the century. I have never seen wind like we had today and large limbs were falling in our backyard which is right behind the kids rooms. Joe and I were also napping and both jumped as we heard the wind. Joe told me to grab the kids and get in our master closet. So, I did exactly that. They were both sleeing so soundly. Once we got in the closet they were both all smiles. It was pretty funny. Again, I didn't grab the camera for that either...we were in an emergency situation. :-)
But I did manage to get these pictures today of miss Ivy on her 7 month birthday.

Good Morning Sunshine!

Going to the pool

After nap time, after the storm

Bath time-she loves it!

Peace at the end of the day

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Look who's sittin up...