Saturday, September 27, 2008

Better late than never...Jonas' dresser

In case I didn't already mention...this dresser was purchased when my parents had my sister Andrea. I'll just tell you that was over 30 years ago. :-) I'm so glad it has stayed in the family. It is a piece by Bassett. It has been moved and lived in approx. 7 different houses. (including my sisters and mine) I painted it and distressed it to match Jonas' bed. The final look is dark navy with cream underneath, that shows through on the sanded edges. I replaced the hardware with new handles that have a brushed nickel finish. That doesn't show up well in the pictures below because Jonas' ceiling fan lights were reflecting in the handles when I took the picture. I still have a little polishing that can be done to take away the smudges you see. That is a result of the wax I use on the last stage. It can take a while to remove. :-)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ivy's Shower

My friends and family threw me and Ivy a baby shower this past Saturday. It was probably the most sentimental shower I've ever been too. Much thought and time went into it. At the end of our time together it was a great reminder of the blessings God has given me through friendships, especially those friends I don't get to see as often as I'd like. I've always enjoyed having many close girl friends. I love girl's nights out, weekend trips away together etc...those are always memory making, fun times. Many of these friends are in the same boat as me. We all have young children and have been pregnant together or right after one another! Its changed our lives and we don't have the free time we used to and more stress has come along in life. I am so thankful we can be transparent with each other in the struggles we face, encourage each other and keep each other accountable. Children are a blessing, we love them dearly, but we are human and fail when it comes to the responsibility and commandments God has given us. I will not pretend to be super mom, I'm not, I can't, I never will be.

I put a slide show together, and its rather lengthy. Sorry. As I opened gifts each person had to sit next to me as I opened their gift. We got a picture together and then they were to give me motherly advice. We had mom's there in all age brackets. It was fun to hear the different advice given. I cherish hearing the older mom's and the grandmother's talk. Afterall, they should be our mentors, they have walked this road long before me. At another point in the shower, everyone was given a card that said "Pray for Sarah and Ivy" and below that was a verse and my due date. Each person had a different verse. We went around the room and read the verses and then several people prayed for the protection of Ivy and me, for a full term birth especially. (at least 37 weeks!) Everyone was encouraged to keep their cards and take a magnet home with them and put it on the fridge. I am honored to think that people are praying for us on a daily basis. How special that is to me. Lydia and Kim did an awesome job with the magnets and the whole design of the theme of the shower. The invitations, place cards, verse cards, magnets, and my thank you notes all match! So cute! Lydia you are such an amazing talent.
(Put your cursor over the pictures to read captions.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sweet Daddy

I meant to post this yesterday with my long post! This was snuggle time before bed. Sadly there wasn't enough room for Ivy and me to join them. :-)
Joe, you are a a wonderful daddy. We are so fortunate to have you in our lives.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A weekend of gifts and reminders...

Here is a sweet hello from Jonas! :-)
Ok, I will attempt to play catch up today! I've been very busy lately and haven't had time to blog. :-)

I am 33 1/2 weeks along with Miss Ivy's pregnancy. I had to pinch myself today! I can't believe we are this far along. What is even scarier is I went into labor and had Jonas at 34 weeks. Its approaching so fast and I will be packing bags next week. There is no reason to believe I will go early again but you know...knock on wood! I'd like to be a little more prepared this time. :-)

It just hit me again today that I really am pregnant and going to have another baby! Silly I know, but sometimes its just a slap in the face! The reality of two is starting to set in as I see and talk with many friends who have multiple children. My biggest fear is scheduling. I still work part time from home and need to be on a schedule. I'm that type of person anyway, even if I didn't work. To make things crazier in our household, Joe's schedule changes every 35 days. It is both mine and Joe's desire that I continue to work 2-3 hours a day. Its still been easy and maintainable as Jonas takes around a 3 hr afternoon nap. I just wonder how much Ivy will like to sleep. I've had it easy with Jonas. He has ALWAYS loved his sleep and been a wonderful napper and night time sleeper. I suppose if Ivy sleeps 1/2 as good as Jonas I can still get those work hours in. I'm just nervous!

My dear friends and family gave me a baby shower on Saturday for Ivy. My mom hosted it at her house while my creative friends put all the details together. (I will post pictures later) It was beautiful and very sentimental. Here is a picture of one of my favorite gifts. Mrs. Jones, who is like a second mom to me since 7th grade, free-hand embroidered this onesie for me. I think its just beautiful. I love personalized/monogrammed items. I will be sad when Ivy outgrows this one. It might have to go in a shadow box later. :-)

I have to brag on Joe a little. First, he has been working like a mad dog to save money and time off of work for when Ivy arrives. Not to mention, the random things that come up where the city is making it mandatory for him to work and we don't always know very far in advance. So, his time at home is spent having quality time with Jonas and catching up on his own rest. This past weekend he helped me so much in watching Jonas during my shower and for me to have a girls night out Saturday night. It seemed like I was just popping my head in and out of the house a few times on Saturday, not staying for long. When I came home after the shower I immediately smelt a lemon like scent in the air. I walked into the kitchen and noticed the counters were spotless and some things had been moved around. I turned around, with excitement in my voice, and said, "did you clean?!" He said "yes." I said "what did you clean?!" He said "most of the house." I said, "you mopped the kitchen!" He said, "yes." Ok, so you get the point....I was so excited and relieved! I have done my best with this pregnancy to keep up with the house, mostly keeping things picked up, clothes washed, food on the table etc...Deep cleaning has been neglected more than I would like to admit. Joe and I have both come to the realization in life that even when the house is "dirty" quality time spent with each other is more important especially with his schedule lately. So, we are willing to let things slide because we need family time and we aren't going to live our life in a panic that the floor hasn't been mopped etc...I love that about him and he has helped me get to this place in life when I wasn't there before. He is so right. I do not want to be a "Martha." I thanked him for his help on Saturday and told him he was the best! It was such a burden lifted for me as I do worry too much sometimes about those things. Its hard when you stay at home, work from home, and have that to do list just staring at you all the time and you can't quite get it all done.

Joe also allowed me to sleep yesterday between church services for almost 3 hours. He got Jonas' lunch together and was willing to take care of Jonas when he woke up from his nap. I needed that rest so badly I can't even begin to explain. I've lost a lot of sleep lately. I battle with acid reflux all day and have to be very careful what and when I eat so I can have decent rest. It doesn't always work. I have also had episodes of insomnia with this pregnancy. I look forward to both of those things going away when Ivy comes. Yes, I know those first 6 weeks will be killer with the night time feedings etc...but at least I wont be in pain with the reflux and I'm pretty sure the insomnia will go away. The interruptions will just be different. :-)

Well, I hope to get Jonas' dresser moved into his room in about 2 days. Its still in the garage and I obviously can't help Joe bring it in. I am eager to share the before and after pictures! Its been a project that lasted longer than I had hoped. But for all of you out there who thought I was over doing it can now rest assured I paced myself, much much slower than I had planned! :-)