Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some recent pictures....

This is Jonas on his first boat ride. We were on a pontoon boat touring Lake Lure in NC. Is a beautiful lake with some gorgeous homes! Jonas loved the water.

My cousin Jenni was visiting for the weekend. Here is me, my mom, Jenni, and Jonas.

Jonas with Papa and Grammy

Our family right before mine and Joe's date night for my b-day.

I saved the best for last. :-) This is the face that Jonas makes when you tell him we are ready to pray for our meal. Its so precious because he is so serious and sincere. We try not to laugh out loud too hard.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm sorry its taken me so long to post again. This pregnancy has been plagued with migraines just like Jonas' pregnancy, if not more. I just haven't been up to par.
My desire to have a midwife assist with this pregnancy was very great. I have had several friends use a certain midwife in a town nearby. Joe and I met with her one evening to go over my history and see her center. She specializes in water births. What an amazing experience some women have. If you have never watched a video, it is almost breathtaking. (in a good way) :-) We also learned that evening that our insurance is one of the only ones, in the state, that will not cover her services. Although we are probably have the largest company representing us. Needless to say that was discouraging to hear. But I didn't want to take "no" for an answer. So I did some calling myself over a 3 week period to the insurance company. Basically I got nowhere, to my dismay. Joe and I prayed about the situation and came to the conclusion that it would not be the best financial decision for our family to go this route. It would be cheaper for us to use our insurance at a hospital, since we pay into our insurance every month etc...I then went on the hunt for a new OB. I desired a smaller practice where the doctors would be more personable and support natural births. Within a short time a friend of mine told me about a new practice she was trying with #3 baby for her. She and I have been pregnant with almost the same due date with our last two children. I was impressed with what she was telling me and I made a call for my first appt. This practice is smaller than most around here, with just 4 doctors. They are the only OB practice that delivers at a local community hospital that is opening a brand new campus in August! AND its just two miles up the road from us. Who wouldn't want to deliver in a brand new facility?! I'm very excited about this. I really enjoyed my first two visits and was very frank with the doctor about my desires and birth plan. He was very patient to listen to all my thoughts and questions. I told him I am not looking for a doctor who has the mentality of get in and get it done. He was very kind and I look forward to my next visit on June 16th. That will be my ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby!! YEA!! Can't wait! I am currently 17 1/2 weeks. I just started feeling the baby about 4 days ago. What a joy that has been in the midst of my pain. I makes the pain a little more bearable. :-) Please continue to pray the migraines will subside. They have just been so grueling at times and I have had some dark hours.
Thank you to all my friends who do pray and check on me. And to my family who has had to step in a few times to take care of little man.
Here is a short update for now. I will try to post some recent pictures of Jonas late. he every growing and changing. I love it. He is so sweet.